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Reviews about Unison Safaris and Photography

Lake Manyara National Park

Only a 2 hour drive from Arusha, Manyara is an ideal destination for a days safari. The park is 325sq km of which 229sq km is the lake which feeds thousands of flamingos forming a zone of shimmering pink around the shore. Manyara is famous for its tree-climbing lions found in the rainy season and is also home to the largest concentration of baboons in the world. There is a huge variety of birdlife, both resident and migratory as well as an extensive list of animals including elephants and hippos. Manyara is also home to two sets of hot springs formed during the formation of the Rift Valley.

Serengeti Migration Camp

Trekking Mt.Kilimanjaro

There are seven official trekking routes by which to ascend and descend Mount Kilimanjaro: Lemosho, Machame, Marangu, Mweka, Rongai, Shira, and Umbwe. Of all the routes, Machame is considered the most scenic, albeit steeper, route. It can be done in six or seven days. The Rongai is the easiest and least scenic of all camping routes. The Marangu is also relatively easy, but this route tends to be very busy, the ascent and descent routes are the same, and accommodation is in shared huts with all other climbers.